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Chen reaches out to Taiwan's Netizens via weekly e-zine

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By Chuang Chi-ting  /  STAFF REPORTER
- I* ^' s* L9 \. W8 }Tue, Oct 16, 2001 - Page 2
" a) r9 r! L0 I. _7 R" e4 |The first issue of President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) e-weekly is to be published Thursday as part of his bid to improve communications with the general public, especially the younger generation.
" L; U! S+ A+ E. @  |It marks the first time ever that a president of Taiwan has utilized the Internet in such a way to make himself more accessible.
$ u- z( @: q5 c" \7 L1 Y& V- s"The president hopes to share his ideas, feelings and daily life with the public to draw them closer to his inner world," said Yu Shyi-kun, secretary-general to the Presidential Office. "Moreover, he would also like to explain his actions and policy goals to the public through this new, `softer' channel."" z5 y9 P( I% N! H: y" g
Yu added that the existence of such an online weekly demonstrated the government's determination to shape the country using the most modern technology.5 R6 T3 A3 g9 g7 V
"Some netcitizens may be ineligible to vote and others may have no interest in participating in TV call-in programs," Chen said.4 C  g/ q  a9 e: H9 V, s
"But online subscribers can now directly mail me to articulate their ideas without worrying about busy telephone lines or paying for postage stamps.
3 f: a* N' N) n& c$ [* A1 |"I want to be available on demand at every individual's desktop computer," Chen added./ F, R# R  p+ z! S' N2 A' U3 x4 ^5 I* Q
The Presidential Office said Chen would answer every e-mail himself. The content of the online publication will include a diary of Chen's personal notes and various audio-visual news clippings.
% J' _! R  q8 h% z& W/ m2 _Over 10,000 Internet surfers have already visited the site, which, among its pre-launch content, featured a personal invitation by Chen for online subscriptions.
8 u! R6 P$ }' `2 e, nThe president's e-publication was originally scheduled to go online last month. However, it was delayed because Chen was busy with extraordinary top-level meetings in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the US.
, ~% |8 v+ x) l: \' uThose who wish to subscribe online can find the Web page at b1 x2 m* k+ W5 H  m$ c- f
Published on Taipei Times :
, D) S: W$ J9 Q6 E5 K ... 01/10/16/0000107322) Q, o9 m0 N% q4 A
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